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Summer Handwriting

While we are learning from home we are uploading the spellings onto our spelling page and we are linking our handwriting to our spelling to help make learning those words even easier. Have a look each week to see the handwriting sheets to match your spellings, we've also added some handwriting lines along with our High Frequency Word and Common Exception Word Mats; see if you can put the words into a sentence of your own.

Week One Handwriting- W/C 20th April

Words ending in -ary


Week Two Handwriting- W/C 28th April

Words with short /u/ sound spelt with an 'o'

Week Three Handwriting- W/C 4th May

Words with short /u/ sound spelt with an 'ou'

Week 4- W/C 11th May 

Common word families- 'instruct' & 'uni'

Week 5- W/C 18th May

Common word families- 'scop' & 'spec'