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The Good Samaritan - Holy Tales Bible Stories - Parables of Jesus Christ

The Good Samaritan - Holy Tales Bible StoriesThe parable of the Good Samaritan is a parable told by Jesus in the Gospel of Luke. It is about a traveler who i...

Parable of Lost Coin.mp4

Christian parable

The Three Little Pigs - Animated Fairy Tales for Children

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The Boy Who Cried Wolf #ReadAlong StoryBook Video for Kids Ages 2-7

Learn to read with Hansel and Gretel read along storybook retold by Meredith Hairston and illustrated by Douglas Draper. For more great books, download the C...

The Hare and The Tortoise Story | Bedtime Story by Kids Hut | English Stories For Kids

Presenting The Hare and The Tortoise Story by Kids Hut.NURSERY RHYMES COLLECTION►✿ All Voices: Tu...

English Tasks 18th- 22nd January

English Tasks 11th- 15th Jan

John Young and Charlie Duke on the moon

The television camera mounted on the lunar rover records the astronauts photographing each other beside the flag. Duke appears first, getting into position b...

English Tasks Jan 5th- Jan 8th

HELP! We found this thing crashed in our outdoor area! Take a closer look at the pictures by clicking on them. 


What do you think it might be? 

Can you describe what you see? 

Where do you think it has come from?

Who do you think it belongs to? 

How did it get here? 



Strange object in our outdoor area.