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Ethos and Values

Every child is valued and has an equal opportunity to succeed and even exceed their potential.


At Roman Way we believe that through clear communication, mutual respect, acceptance and a love for one another that children will grow and thrive in a safe and enjoyable environment.


We believe that through honesty, truth and self discipline we can build a happy and tolerant community.  Our school helps create long lasting friendships by promoting loyalty and humility between children and adults.


No child is left behind on their individual learning journey, we offer an engaging curriculum with flexibility to inspire creativity in all.  Through strong leadership and team work we can consistently provide, support, challenge and fairness for children, families and staff.



Roman Rules


We respect each other and everyone's rights

We listen to each other and follow instructions responsibly

We are ready to learn and always try our hardest

We move around quietly and calmly

We communicate politely and respectfully at all times using good manners