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Week 6 - Health, Well-being and Lifestyle

Health, Well-being and Lifestyle

I can describe some strategies, tips or advice to promote health and wellbeing with regards to technology.


Questions To Ask

Talk about what you think healthy sleep is and why it is an important part of our lives.

What are some of the things about using technology that might get in the way of a “good night’s sleep”?

Which are the sorts of activities that affect us the most? Can you give some examples from your own life?

Does having “rules” set by parents/carers help?

What might those rules look like?

What about rules that you might set for yourself?

How and when might those rules change depending on what other things are happening that day/or the next day?

Can you use technology itself to get a better sleep?

Can you give some examples? (Bedtime reminders/calmer activities/dimming screens/timing limiters/nightshift mode?)

If you were going to give some advice to younger children about technology and sleep, what might that be?