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Winter Reading Challenge 2021


Click HERE to take part in Hampshire Libraries' Winter Reading Challenge


This year's challenge is about getting cosy and sharing books together. You have until Saturday 27th February to read any four books of your choice. This includes the books you have at home or the ebooks and audiobooks from our ePlatform.  Every time you read a book, you'll need to write about them in your Reading Challenge Record. You'll be sent a certificate after reading all four books.


Good Luck!


How it Works


1. Not a member of Andover Library?  Click HERE.


2. Sign-up to Winter Reading Challenge  HERE. You will need an adult to help you.


3. Use the Reading Challenge Record HERE to keep track of your reading.


4. Start reading straight away! This includes the books, comics and magazines you have at home!


5. Borrow the  great books from ePlatform and Borrow Box (Learn more about Borrow Box HERE).


6. Read AT LEAST FOUR books to win a certificate.


I hope everyone has fun during this year's challenge! I can't wait to find out what brilliant books you've all read!


How to join Andover Library

SHOW AN ADULT THIS VIDEO! They can follow the steps to join Andover Library.