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Library Time - KS1

Ravi's Roar by Tom Percival


Hello Everyone,


This week I am reading Ravi's Roar. Look at this picture of Ravi. What animal do you think he turns into?



He's got strippy ears and a tail. Can you think of an animal that looks like that?


Listen to the story to find out what happens! Can you give me your loudest ROAAAR!

Ravi's Roar

Still image for this video

Did you enjoy the story? What made Ravi feel so ANGRY?


Please print this week's activity sheet! I'd like you to draw two pictures of Ravi. The first needs to be an ANGRY picture using the colour red. The other should be a CALM picture using the colour blue. Have a go at pulling  ANGRY and CALM faces. Can you think of some other words to describe how Ravi was feeling?

Elmer's Birthday by David McKee


I'm so excited to read aloud to you again. I've missed you all so much! Has anything fun happened since last time we met? Have I missed anyone's birthday? How did you celebrate? This week's story is all about birthdays, I hope you enjoy it. Can you predict all the fun things Elmer might get up to on his birthday?


Elmer's Birthday

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Did you enjoy the story? Have a go at some fun Elmer activities!


The elephants were playing a trick on Elmer. How would you feel if someone forgot your birthday? Have a go at writing some words that describe how Elmer might have felt.


At the end of the story Elmer was given a yummy cake. Colour your own Birthday Cake! How many candles are on the cake?