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Curriculum Intent


Our curriculum is currently under review.

We are working very hard to provide a bespoke curriculum for Roman Way children to ensure they have the very best life chances.

 The curriculum is the substance of what is taught. It is a specific plan of what pupils need to know and should be able to do. It is crucial we get it right as it shapes and determines what our children will get out of their educational experience at Roman Way School.

The curriculum is a framework for setting out the aims of a programme of education including the knowledge and skills to be gained at each stage. The intent is that these skills are progressive and build on each other each year.

New knowledge and skills do not happen in isolation but build on what pupils already know and can do. The order in which knowledge and skills is taught is crucial as this is what enables children to make useful connections and ensures no gaps in knowledge. This appropriate sequencing of our curriculum takes time and careful consideration, ensuring children’s endpoints at the end of each year are clear and appropriate.

We are planning to implement this curriculum in an exciting and memorable way so that skills and knowledge embed into long-term memory and so long-term learning. Children need to connect new knowledge with existing knowledge to develop fluency so that they unconsciously apply their knowledge as skills.

We will measure the impact of our curriculum through evaluating and assessing what knowledge and understanding our children have gained against expectations. The more children know, the more children remember and the more children can do means they are making progress.