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Year 3 - Milano

Year 2’s Great Fire of London Day.

Year 2 spent the day at Endeavour Primary School, where they took part in different activities that taught them all about the Great Fire of London. They pretended to be the fire spreading through London and pretended to help put out the fire using buckets and fire hooks. This was very hard work. They also created a colour wheel. They used the wheel to think about warm and cold colours and which ones they would use to describe the Great Fire of London. The children also looked at what people in 1666 used to fight the fire and compared their equipment to what we use today to stop fire from spreading. The children had a fantastic day and learnt lots.

Year 2 Class Timetable

Welcome to year 2.
Our class is called Milano.
In our class Miss Cannell and Mrs Hewlett will be working with your children. We also have two class bears called Rubbles and OT.


Our class topic this term is The Great Fire of London. We will be exploring what happened in London when the fire started, how it started and what they used to stop the fire. We will be linking this topic to our English work where we will be looking at Samuel Pepys diary. We will continue to use adjectives, conjunctions, commas in a list and expanded noun phrases.

Just a reminder that our P.E. days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please make sure your child's P.E. kit is in school all week and everything is named. If you wish to take your child's P.E. kit home to wash on a Friday, please make sure it is back in school on the Monday. Please can you also continue to practise the common exception words and the 2,5,10 and 3 times tables with your child. Thank you.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


Many thanks

Miss Cannell