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On Friday 6th July, the Discovery Federation of schools came to an end, which means Roman Way is now a stand-alone school with its own Governing Body. The new Governing Body met for the first time on 12th July 2018.


As Governors we have strategic oversight of the school and this is split into three areas:


  1. We work in collaboration with Ms Jones the staff, parents and carers to provide a strategic plan to ensure that Roman Way meets the national and local agenda for education.                                                                                                
  2. We hold our professional colleagues to account for all aspects of Roman Way’s performance, from the expenditure of funds, to the academic achievements of our pupils.                                                                                                                 
  3. We are collectively accountable to the pupils, parents, carers and to the wider community, to provide an educational experience that is safe and meets the needs of all learners.


We are actively recruiting for additional Governors and welcome any enquiries or applications to the school via the Clerk to the Governors, Mrs L Couch at